Boudoir Prep Guide

“Boudoir” is a French word that's used to describe a lady's private dressing room or bedroom. It is also a photography genre in which women pose partially clothed or wearing lingerie for photographs. These images are tasteful and classy. They are a great wedding gift to a partner or just to boost your own self confidence. 

The Experience

Here is a run through of a typical boudoir session!

Full sessions are about 2 hours long and mini sessions are about 35-45 minutes long.


I will arrive to your home or if you choose to use our studio rooms for your session, you will arrive at our place. We will send you directions and parking details via email before your session date.

Bluemont Studio

We have two room options, both are spacious and bright! One is glam inspired with a tufted, elegant headboard and the other is farmhouse inspired with a black metal bed. Both are available for use with any of our clients or if you prefer just the look of one of them, we can shoot only in that studio room. 

When you arrive we'll go over your outfit choices and you'll get dressed in your first outfit. I'll start playing some music and we might even start with a sparkling drink (if you wish) so you can get comfortable. 

From there, we will go through several flattering poses and showing off your best angles for the camera! Don't worry if you have zero experience with posing, I will guide and prompt you the entire time.We will do outfit and room changes until your session time is over and that's a wrap!


Before Your Session

Along with the link to this page, you should receive a questionnaire. That should be the first thing to take care of and will help me guide you through your entire boudoir experience. It helps me understand what your personal style is, what you hope to gain from this session, and how to make the day of your session go as perfectly as possible!

The next step is deciding whether you want to have your hair and makeup professionally done. I highly recommend hiring a professional makeup artist to enhance your features and it will make you feel more relaxed/pampered on the day of.

I have a list of recommended vendors that I have worked with and trust if you are interested in booking professional hair, makeup, or both.

After you have that, it's time to plan your outfits and accessories. I find that bodysuits and two-piece bra and panty sets are the most flattering. Try to avoid shapeless or flowy lingerie styles like babydolls. You can bring your veil (for bridal boudoir), jewelry, robes, and a pair of very high heels! It's really up to you, your style, and whatever you will feel comfortable or sexy in. If you need more outfit help, feel free to email me and I can give you some recommendations. Try on all your outfits to make sure they fit properly and remove any tags or labels on them. 

For lingerie sites, I recommend Agent Provocateur, Fredericks of Hollywood, free people, La Perla, For Love and Lemons, AdoreMe,, Victoria's Secret, Fashion Nova, Target, Amazon.

If you feel more comfortable having a friend attend on the day of the shoot, feel free to coordinate and ask if someone can come along with you and be sure to let me know ahead of time if you are bringing an attendant. If you are bringing an attendant, I ask that they do not have a distracting presence and do not take pictures during the session for your safety.

Do not wax, tan, fake tan, or spray tan before your session. Your skin needs time to heal after waxing, so try shaving instead. Tan lines will not photograph well and spray tans will photograph orange and can ruin our studio furniture and bedding. Also avoid wearing deodorant on the day of the shoot, it can show up on your clothing or under your arms in photos.If you have to, use a clear one.

You also do not need to lose weight or avoid eating the day of your session. You CAN reduce salt intake or avoid drinking alcohol beforehand though. Please eat before your session and also make sure you are HYDRATED. Get a good night's sleep the night before your session. Moisturize your skin. This is very important! Hydrated, well rested skin=healthy looking skin. I recommend also getting your nails done at a salon a day or two before.

Lastly, trust me! Let go of any expectations you may have or any negative feelings you might have about your body. Each body we have photographed is BEAUTIFUL, and that will never change! 

Day Of Checklist

  • Manicure and pedicure done

  • Professional hair and makeup

  • Full night of rest the night before

  • Outfits, accessories, and shoes packed

  • Drink lots of water

  • Moisturize

  • Brush teeth AND lips so they are smooth

  • Remove tags and labels from clothing

  • Eat something before session

  • Have directions for the studio ready to get here on time

  • Make sure final payment is submitted before arriving

Editing, Retouching, and Delivery

After your session, I will begin editing your final images. They will be edited in my usual bright and dreamy style. I will not alter the way your body looks during the editing process. If there are temporary blemishes such as acne that you would like edited out, I can retouch them at an additional rate.

Your final images will be delivered in an online gallery for download. There will be a password attached to this gallery and a download pin for your privacy and safety.


I also offer heirloom printed products after delivery. Boudoir albums are available starting at $450. Let me know if you are interested in ordering an album or wall art and I will walk you through that process via email!